Saturday, April 24, 2010

a Jackson quote:

this is one of the funniest things i have ever heard one of my kids say. Jackson was in the bath by himself and I walked in to check on him. He was lying down on his back, ears under the water. I said something like, "hey buddy, how ya' doing?" He replies, "I'm a diver Mommy". "A diver?, I asked. he says, "yes, just like Jesus dived on the cross". I almost died! He kept asking me what was so funny. "Why you laugh, Mommy?" These kids crack me up. :)


Anonymous said...

So funny!!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you totally done with this blog?!!?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I miss keeping up with your kids! :)) are you just facebooking right now? I don't get on there much, but maybe I need to add it to my routine.

Hope your MJ party went well. I had actually just placed an order a few days before your invite. I meant to take a look at ordering more but forgot. Let me know if/when you plan to have any more parties.

Can't wait to get my new outfit on Elizabeth... plus got some stuff for me this time! We are having family photos taken in October by the amazing Jess!